2-in-1 3000W Portable Electric Industrial Fan Heater Free Standing Carpet Dryer (Yellow)

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Say good bye to freezing cold warehouses, garages, workshops and building sites! Introducing the 2-in-1 3000W Portable Electric Industrial Fan & Heater. A free standing unit, the fan heater features a dual-temperature control switch and automatic constant temperature control, able to maintain stable heated air in a large space up to 40 m² for a long time. Along with adjustable angles up to 30° and portable lightweight design, the fan heater offers comfortable warmth no matter where you are. Due to the 3000-watt engine, it guarantees a quick and quiet warming process. At the same time, it is durable, waterproof and safe.

Please note this heater comes with 15A 250V high voltage power cord and plug. The size of the power plug is larger than the standard size of the Australian power plug. The large pin size of the power plug supplied with this heater is about 9.08mm and is SAA certified in Australia. Please ensure that your power outlet will be able to accommodate this power plug before purchasing this item. E:9mm, N:6mm, L:6mm.

3000W power high efficiency and low consumption
Increased air outlets ensure a maximum air output of 360m³/h for quickly heating up a larger area
With SAA certification, you can enjoy warmth with guaranteed security
Equipped with anti-tipping switch for enhanced safety
Dual temperature control switch & automatic constant temperature mode
Adjustable angles up to 30° for convenience and optimal air output
IP24 waterproof class
Strong and long-lasting construction with anti-high temperature paint
Super quiet functionality
Portable design for easy movement
Suitable for warehouses, garages, workshops, building sites, etc.

Fuse: 15A
Waterproof class: IP24
Voltage: 220-240V
Rated power: 3000W
Settings: 30W/1500W/3000W
Self-resetting thermostat: 0-85°C
Suggested heating range: 40 m²
Air output: Max 360m³/h
Safety Assurances: Overheating protection, SAA certification, equipped with anti-tipping switch