Heller 2200W Electric White Quartz Radiant Heater Floor with Dual Heat Settings

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Quickly create heart-warming heat with Heller 2200W Quartz Radiant Heater. Featuring Overheat protection and safety tip-over switch that provides a safeguard against any hazards, this unit has an adjustable thermostat and you can choose from 2 heat settings 1100W & 2200W for personalise comfort.

Ideal for home or office, the small yet powerful heater makes any living space feel more comfortable and inviting, especially during the chillier months of the year.

Maintain consistent heat in your surroundings with Heller 2200W Quartz Radiant Heater.

Adjustable thermostat
High efficiency
Quartz Heating element
Safety tip over switch
Overheat protection

Power: 2200W
2 Heat settings: 1100W/2200W
Unit’s Dimensions (W x D x H): 49 × 14 × 56.5cm
Colour: White
220-240Vac ~ 50Hz